Teaching character education is as important as teaching reading, writing, and math. That is, the development of culture and character can be performed in an educational approach that does not release students from the social, cultural, and social and cultural bangsa.Lingkungan culture is Pancasila, so the culture and character education is to create the values ​​of Pancasila on self peseta education students via the liver, brain, and physical.

Character traits such as: honesty, respect, empathy, kindness, and caring play into affect with students who have relationships with classmates, teachers, mates, and family. Pearson & Nicholson (2000), really feel that there are 3 interconnected locations that represent fantastic character: self, other individuals, and the neighborhood. If we fully grasp the meaning of education broadly, education as a procedure of awareness, pencerdasan and mental improvement or character, of course, is not only synonymous with the college.

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