Of schoolwide programs to date has located that, for the most component, they do not produce any improvements in student behavior or academic functionality. Character education is a method of naming the values ​​of character, which incorporates know-how, awareness or volition, and actions to implement these values, both of Almighty God, ourselves, other folks, the atmosphere, or nationality. The character of the nation can be formed from educational programs or in the method of finding out in the classroom.

Students will then live the positive character traits they discovered by means of practice by treating other individuals with respect and fairness when recognizing they are becoming responsible, caring, trustworthy citizens. Improvement of national character can be performed via the improvement of one’s individual character. Educating the culture and character of the nation is developing the values ​​of Pancasila on self-learners through Education liver, brain, and fisik.Pendidikan is a conscious and systematic work to develop the prospective of learners.

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