With school desks, we do not part in all education, first school and later academic, that is, for 17 years. They are the identification of theoretical knowledge that is pressed into our heads throughout this period. It is no wonder that changing a school bench into a work desk in every graduate of studies triggers a kind of shock. First of all – it is connected with the change of the current lifestyle, and secondly – with the change of what has been required of us so far. Theoretical thinking suddenly needs to be transformed into skills and practical action, which the universities usually do not prepare at all. 

WSEI – higher level of education

The university is different from traditional universities in Poland. By running a modern education system, it gradually prepares students for future work during studies. Studies at WSEI are characterized by the fact that in addition to a solid dose of theoretical knowledge, students get the opportunity to acquire comprehensive practical skills.

Modern education concept

It was created by a prestigious consulting and training company of academic staff from Krakow – Consulting and Training Institute Sp. z o.o. The extensive experience, resulting from the implementation of numerous consultancy services for various types of public institutions and enterprises, led to give the university a practical profile. New trends in the labor market and growing expectations of employers have become the premise for the development of the concept of education, which allows young people to be prepared to enter the labor market. 

What is the idea of WSEI education based primarily on?

  • Selection of lecturers – WSEI resigns from lecturers who for years have been passing the same theoretical rules to experienced practitioners and often owners of industry companies. They have practical knowledge, which they convey with real passion;
  • Training – included in the study program, the completion of which makes it easier to obtain certificates, such as Microsoft or CISCO;
  • Project-based teaching (PBL) – numerous business simulations and case studies;
  • Modular education – modelled on education programs implemented in prestigious universities in the USA, consisting in the selection of specialized modules, in which the student acquires practical knowledge from different fields of study, which results in the acquisition of unique competences useful for modern occupations;
  • Internships and study opportunities abroad.

The University of Economics and Computer Science in Kraków was recognized as the best private university in lesser Poland. Every year, the university’s success turns into the professional success of its graduates. Read more – https://en.wsei.edu.pl/.

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