Observation is also fundamental because writing, contrary to what many think, is much more linked to the ability to listen (of oneself and the surrounding environment) than to say “to say”. But beyond the individual’s attitude, there are dozens of suggestions with which for years help journalists, bloggers, copywriters, web editors and writers to find the best ideas for writing. First of all, however, a small step backwards. What are you going to write? For simplicity I will divide the potential texts into two categories: Informative on one side, Narratives on the other. The former includes, for example, the texts of a website, the posts of a blog or the articles written in a newspaper or magazine; a short story, a novel or even a storytelling operation that serves to narrate a company, a brand or an event in a creative and convincing way are part of the latter. If you are looking for best writing services, you must read this EvolutionWriters review.

Blog, Website, Magazine: Suggestions for Finding Ideas for an Informative Text

The writer has found himself at least once in his life to challenge the blank page in the absence of concrete ideas or time to develop them, or to ensure a varied and continuous editorial line to his address book or blog managed for work, pleasure or need. How to do? From my point of view, the pillars to always find new ideas for writing are: At the cost of saying something obvious, I want to emphasize the role of reading. I’m not saying anything: Dylan Dog probably will not come in handy if you have to write a post about how to organize the perfect holiday in Bucharest. Use it, in the good sense, when you have to try your hand at horror stories or you are looking for help to create a serial story.

The various technical; issues

Monitor the other contributions on the topic. It is a corollary of the previous point, but it presupposes knowing how to “read with the razor” the news with which you come into contact. The metaphorical razor serves you to chop the news itself and find all those small imperfections and shortcomings that turn into gigantic opportunities to deepen a specific theme. The competitor newspaper has superficially treated the controversy between the mayor and the neighborhood committee? Perfect, this is a theme to be taken up and developed better. It is an idea to write about. A blog that addresses your own niche of public explains the rudiments of SEO Copywriting, but do you find that there is much more to say to provide the reader with a more precise reading key?

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