Parents want absolutely nothing far more than for their youngsters to grow up into nicely-mannered individuals and give the suitable respect to other folks. The key to resolving this issue is a thoughtful adoption process that benefits in examining character education components, programs, and approaches with the same care utilized in adopting other important initiatives. Among them are a decline in our nation’s character and in private ethics marked by rising employee theft, drunk driving, lying, cheating on tax returns, and cheating on marital partners (Lickona, 1991).

Top quality character education also calls for in depth qualified development for all school staff prior to they begin working with students. That environment is 1 that has a strong emphasis on character constructing and on making a ‘sense of community’ in the school. In spite of the primary part of parents, schools do have a function in character development—one that a lot of educators think has turn into additional hard with alterations in our society.

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